Ausbildungskurs zum/zur "ERCA-Inspekteur/in"

Von 22.05.2017 bis 26.05.2017
Kategorien: ERCA Training Courses

Course Language: English


The training is planned to inform about the procedures of a standard periodical inspection routines to check the ropes courses in accordance with EN 15567 Part I, 7c and the ERCA Standards for inspection. Every participant will be assessed theoretically and in practice about the course content, the inspection manual, EN 15567 and the current ERCA Inspection Standard.

The course is a conversion course for inspectors of accredited inspection bodies and new applicants (if they can proof inspection experience). We expect the inspectors to have a good theoretical knowledge and plenty of practical experience.

Out of scope:
The accreditation for inspection bodies requires additional steps for the company (application check, audit of the inspection body).


We issue an “ERCA inspectors- Type C” certificate for the successful attendance of the course.

Literature, Tools, Equipment

Please bring following literature to the course (and use it for your preparation beforehand):

  • The current ERCA inspection manual
  • The current ERCA inspection standard
  • EN15567:2007 Part 1 and 2 at Beuth-Verlag or BSI

Important: Please bring your PPE, equipment, tools, laptops documentation forms for inspection with you.


Candidates please push the button on top left to fill in the online registration form. After receiving your application we will send you a confirmation of course registration and the invoice.

Course Fees

Price regular: GBP 1300.00 + UK VAT
Price for ERCA-members: GBP 1170.00 + UK VAT
Rebate for multiple bookings: GBP 150.00 discount
(The first participant of a company pays full price, the following participants belonging to the same company pay GBP 150.00 less.)
Here you can read and download the cancellation policy.

NOTE: Pre-requisites & required qualifications!

You need to hold a couple of other awards as a pre-requisite for attendance in this course. Please check our FAQ related to this.

Meals & Accomodation

Lunch, tea and coffee is included in the course fee, but no other food nor refreshments. You have to arrange and pay your travel and accomodation yourself.